Queer Tango – exploring lead and follow beyond gender



Cecilia Mirkin (Teacher and Promoter of Queer Tango in the UK – contact: queer.tango@yahoo.co.uk

and Mariana Docampo Falcon (founder of Tango Queer Buenos Aires, Argentina – website: www.tangoqueer.com)


this is what Cecilia says about Queer Tango:

Queer Tango is a response to the up-to-recently unquestioned assumption that in tango men lead and women follow.

Queer Tango is free from conventional restrictions and both roles in the dance are taught and explored by everyone, providing for the ultimate confirmation of this freedom: swapping roles back and forth, regardless of the dancers’ gender.

In Queer Tango we welcome everyone. We work to provide a space to get together, enjoy tango music, socialize, exchange ideas and learn. We are on an ongoing search for new ways of communication through movement and dancing.

Queer Tango breaks away from the regimented tradition and bends the rules that have, for decades, applied to traditional tango. In Queer Tango sexual orientation is not an assumption, and gender does not restrict you to a role.

Queer tango is in favour of exploring and we embrace diversity. Queer tango does not discriminate against others or oneself. We respect codes, style, roles, type of dress and shoes, how the dancing couples are conformed, sexuality, religion, ethnic background, age, gender, nationality, social class…

Queer Tango nurtures and grows from exploring the possibilities that -all in all- we get from all being different.

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